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Focused on providing information, tips, and strategies to help businesses share their stories, connect with more customers, and grow.

“People become life long customers when they connect with your story, your why.”

When it comes to selling products, regardless of what you’re selling, chances are you have competitors. Likely more than one. As a result, it’s not necessarily the product that keeps your customers coming back, but their connection to you and your story.

If you make chocolate thingamabobs and there are several other companies that also make chocolate thingamabobs, there likely isn’t much of a difference in the actual product. While there may be small differences in ingredients and maybe even processing, the bigger differentiators (and what customers tend to care more about) is your why.

I specialize in helping you relay your why to customers, resulting in a stronger connection, and ultimately happier, more loyal customers.

Here you’ll find my articles and posts fall into two distinct categories – business-related and health-related. When it comes to entrepreneurs, information that can help you maintain optimal health is just as important as information that can help you run your business. As a business owner, you need endless energy, crystal clear thinking and resilience. I aim to give you information to help you optimize both your health and your business.

Thanks to quarantines and stay-at-home orders, countless folks now work out at home.🏋️‍♂️ (My local gym, that I loved, closed a few months ago.😢) One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the steel mace from @Onnit. What's your favorite? 🤔 ...

🤷‍♀️ Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. These 10 super simple, tried-and-true tips will help make you better at your job and support your efforts to capture that job promotion.🤝 😃⁠
Clickable link in my bio to the full list.

#ad It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!🎄I love it when I get a special delivery from the fine folks at @primalkitchenfoods! This Snickerdoodle Collagen Fuel is downright tasty!🤤⁠
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Stop mistaking busy for making progress. These five simple tips will help you prioritize tasks, keep you moving forward and give you confidence that the energy you expended any given day was used on activities that were actually important.⁠
Clickable link in my bio.

I can't think of any complaints about my current working from home situation. There's nothing better than a living, breathing security blanket that thinks you're the 🐝 knees. ❤️🦮 I hope you've got a helper that makes your day easier too! ...

Now, perhaps more than ever, it's crucial that businesses cultivate customer loyalty for greater success, a more stable customer base and to develop a much stronger community. Click the link in my bio for my top 7 ways to encourage that loyalty for the long-term. ...

Businesses are getting priced out of offering benefits to employees – especially highly valued ones like a group health plan. Thankfully, there are alternatives that can save employers 💵💵 while giving more options to employees. 🙌⁠
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My Sunday drive companion today. The new Turmeric & Ginger Kvass from @superbellyferments is damn delicious and available now at @centraloregonlocavore #inbendoregon
I highly recommend you grab a bottle.

Check out my article for @paleomagazine on the first clinically backed breath ketone meter. Spoiler - it's a game-changer.😱 Elevate tracking your ketones to a whole new level with no more🩸or wondering if you're reaping the benefits of fasting.🤔⁠
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Congrats @supplement_renegade! DM me an address and I’ll get this beauty out to you!

Found this extra copy of Ready Or Not! by the amazing @nomnompaleo and want to give it a good home. If you think it would look good in your kitchen, just like and comment on this post. I’ll randomly pick one lucky winner tomorrow!

* Only open to folks in the US.

Seaweed is my favorite way to get minerals like iodine (and it’s delicious!), so a huge special thanks to my pals over at @seasnax for the care package! 🙏🙌 ...

Just finished this one. It should be required reading for just about everyone (especially younger folks).

Not only is this a remarkable story, it’s an excellent account of the trials, obstacles, and utter brutality folks faced just a dozen or so generations ago, while demonstrating the impressive amount of determination and sheer will to live they showed every day. The result of doing so changed the world.

Today, it’s far too easy for us to think we’ve got it rougher, life is so hard, and we deserve sympathy for every little thing that doesn’t go our way. For a growing number of us, we don’t truly know what it means to be resilient.

Yes, we all still face challenges today, but I would argue that we’ve forgotten the benefits of being uncomfortable and the fact that to actually accomplish great things, we need to be prepared to stand by our convictions and sacrifice while we flounder and are significantly challenged along the way.

🎃 patch and some vitamin D while we still can. ...

That water is COLD! One of us jumped in once. One of us jumped in over and over and over again. Any guesses who? ...

😍 Would you just look at that color!
This beet kvass from the amazing folks over at @superbellyferments is absolutely delicious. You can find it now at @centraloregonlocavore #inbendoregon

Online searches for vitamin C spiked at the end of March and have been flat since. That's too bad. Maintaining optimal levels keeps us better able to ward off microbial invaders and our immune system better prepared to fight if necessary.🤜🦠🤛⁠
Link in my bio.

Low vitamin D is a fast-growing, silent epidemic. As we roll into fall, our opportunity to make adequate levels from the sun is disappearing fast. ☀️⛅️☁️ With #covid19 and #fluseason coming, keeping your levels in the optimal range is vital.⁠
Link in bio.

👎🏻📺 Blue light at night sucks. @spectra479 glasses are lightweight, wrap around your eyes perfectly and block 99.8% of light between 450-510nm. 💡They’re also super reasonable at just $34.95. Get the link in my bio & use code CAIN to save 10%! ...

Great list from @superiorhealthstrategies !

#Repost @superiorhealthstrategies with @get_repost
Potassium is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in proper cellular function. It exerts a positive effect on blood pressure, age-related bone loss, and the development of kidney stones.⁠
Unfortunately, the vast majority of us don't get nearly enough, falling way short of the recommended 4,700mg/day. When you consider our hunter-gatherer ancestors got about 11,000mg of potassium each day, it makes the 2,700mg/day we average today look even more pathetic.⁠
We can thank our modern love affair with grains and nutrient-devoid processed foods and lack of fruit and vegetable intake for our inadequate relationship with this key mineral.⁠
Regularly eating foods from this list will go a long way in ratcheting up your intake and optimizing your health.

Not sure what @mynaturalforce has done differently, but this Caramel MCT oil is even more badass than I remember! ...

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