How To Get Teamwork Through Discussion


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How To Get Teamwork Through Discussion will help you:

+ Learn the importance and value of listening effectively and wisely.

+ Understand how to hold a more interesting conversation.

+ Gain self-confidence and interpersonal skills to progress in your job faster.

+ Guide any group toward better teamwork and use the power of group dynamics.

+ Learn the impact of expressing yourself clearly and articulating when speaking in front of groups.

+ And more!

It has been said that discussion is the greatest idea-generator known to man. Unfortunately, far too many of us don’t obtain worthwhile results from a large percentage of our meetings. Not only are millions of dollars in time wasted daily in poorly conducted meetings, but we often spend sleepless nights worrying about our failure or inadequacy in our daily discussions.

Since habits are acquired through practice, we can improve our discussion leading ability simply by practicing the methods outlined in this book. It is fortunate that discussion or conference leading skills, like any other art, can be acquired or improved through practice because the opportunities for practice are virtually unlimited. In our daily contacts with others, both on the job and off, we can practice the art of asking meaningful questions, listening intelligently, and being sincerely interested in other people and their points of view. We can learn how to oppose conflicting ideas tactfully, and how to look for and find areas of agreement that will result in a more harmonious and productive understanding.