Here to support small business

My passion lies in using my experience and skillset to support small business owners to help them succeed and thrive in their businesses.

I have been involved in several projects and companies of various sizes and levels of success over the past twenty years. Each has presented me with its own set of challenges and opportunities, giving me the chance to learn and further develop my skills. This experience gives me a fresh perspective and the ability to provide unique insights when working to support other small business owners and entrepreneurs.

With each opportunity I’ve been a part of, I’ve never lost my appreciation for beginning each new day recognizing that the opportunities and potential for that day are literally endless. I’ve learned the importance of keeping an optimistic perspective and embracing that promise of potential.

My passion now lies in using my experience and skillset to support small business owners to help them succeed and thrive in their businesses.

Ways to work with me

The various ways you can currently work with me are below. If you have an idea, opportunity, want more information on any of the following, or just have some general questions, feel free to contact me anytime.


I have spent 10+ years in the health and wellness community. I have also performed various roles and managed a wide range of responsibilities over 20 years in customer service, marketing, sales, and as an entrepreneur. This experience has given me a deep understanding of what health-conscious customers are looking for.

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Freelance writing

I have worked in the writing and editing space for over a decade and was the founder and past editor-in-chief of Paleo Magazine. I continue to write and contribute content to various outlets on a regular basis. It is a passion of mine to research topics and create informative, actionable content for readers.

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Health insurance alternatives

I’m not alone in feeling like annual open enrollment feels the same every year—frustrating and discouraging. The only options seem to be pay more, get less, or both. In the past, I’ve grudgingly gone along with the program. But the fact is, constantly paying more and getting less is simply not a sustainable solution. Having rates steadily stairstep every year is just something we should expect and be ok with. Right? Well, I’m not. And you shouldn’t be either.

Learn more about innovative health insurance alternatives that can help support small business owners and employees.

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