When looking for resources that can help improve your health, it can often be difficult to wade through the seemingly limitless options. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t can cost serious time and money—both of which are limited. To help save you both, these are products and services that belong in everyone’s health toolkit. I personally use them, have found them all to work extremely well, and feel they do what they claim to.

And yes, most of these links are affiliate links, so I may receive a commission if you choose to purchase something. But, please keep in mind, by shopping via these links, these products and services won’t cost you any more than if you visited these sites directly. (As a matter of fact, some of these links might actually save you money!)

Biosense ketone breath monitor

Biosense Breath Ketone Monitor

Biosense is the only clinically backed breath ketone monitor currently available and it’s the perfect alternative to finger sticks and urine sticks. Their app gives a clear, immediate picture of your results so you can easily see your level of ketosis. Check out this review I did over at
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Health Access Solutions

The innovative Health Access Solutions program provides access to medical services such as free preventive services, low-cost prescription drugs, unlimited virtual direct primary care visits, and coverage for vision screening and/or dental cleanings—all for one low monthly fee. It’s an excellent way to help reduce your health care costs while giving you 24/7 access to primary care.
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Stay Fit With Keelo

With a library of over 180 movements and easy-to-follow instructional videos, Keelo is like having your own personal training coach with you no matter where you are. Get 50% off a 3-month Keelo Premium membership with this link!

Natural Force Supplements

Natural Force takes their commitment to produce healthy supplements to a whole other level. Not only do they use the cleanest ingredients, but they only package them in non-toxic and eco-friendly packaging.
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Phytonutrient-Dense Pique Tea

Pique’s organic teas are sourced from family farms and then crystalized to deliver up to 12 times the polyphenols of traditional teas. Triple toxin screened, Pique teas dissolve in cold or hot water and provide your body with a hefty dose of phytonutrients.

Spectra Blue-light Blocking Glasses

Avoiding blue light in the evenings is critical to keeping your circadian rhythms on track and your body producing adequate amounts of melatonin. This results in an unhealthy pattern of poor sleep. Spectra 479 blue-light blocking glasses can help.
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Sunlighten Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have been shown to exert a positive effect on detoxification, immunity, blood pressure, circulation – even autoimmune issues, muscle recovery, and wound healing. Sunlighten produces some of the best infrared, low-EMF saunas available.

Ulta Lab Tests

Ulta Lab Tests provides affordable, convenient, comprehensive, and confidential laboratory testing and health screening services directly to consumers. Lab tests can easily and quickly be ordered 24/7 through their online platform, saving you up to 90%. Test prices begin at just $6, and they have a huge selection of over 2000 lab tests and panels. Get your specimens collected through their convenient network of over 2,100 patient service centers nationally. Confidential results are available within 12 to 48 hours for most tests and are delivered to you on a secured HIPAA-compliant portal.