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What happens through the power of a smile

The power of a smile is underrated. A smile is a sign whose meaning is universal and it is an incredibly effective tool in business.

This has been a tough year, and folks are tired, stressed, anxious, and scared. As the months have trudged on, and we are constantly hammered with a seemingly endless onslaught of doom-and-gloom news stories, more and more of us seem to have fewer reasons to smile. But with the state the world is in, and increased isolation from other actual human beings thanks to stay-at-home orders, it’s more important than ever to show positivity, support those who need help, and remember the power of a smile.

Advertisements of optimism.

It can be all too easy to forget how powerful a simple smile can be. That is incredibly unfortunate, however, as smiles are infectious. When you smile you appear more familiar and kind to others. When you are greeted by a genuine smile, you relax and feel a bit more light-hearted yourself. Smiles are a universal advertisement of a positive mental attitude.

For business owners, a smile tells the world that you are happy and successful in what you do. It helps create enthusiasm, encourage optimism, and breed confidence with your employees and partners. Acknowledging others with an authentic smile strengthens your business. When your employees greet customers with a smile it improves sales, builds trust, and makes them easier to remember than the grumpy salesperson they interacted with at that other business. Genuine smiles are an underrated, yet incredibly effective and impactful tool in business.

But a genuine smile is always spontaneous, so you must be authentic when you smile. You have to feel happy and optimistic. So each day focus on finding the positive in your situation, your job, and your business. Remember, positive thoughts lead to actually being positive which ultimately lead to more productive, successful behaviors.

“The smile, simple as it is, is a fundamental human expression, revealing a person’s motives and his attitude toward life.”

S.S. Curry

The real secret of salesmanship.

It’s not hard to find an endless number of “cutting edge” theories, systems, and techniques touting the greatest sales method. And all you need to do to get an instant download and learn about that amazing system is pay $99. Save your money.

The real secret to selling is much simpler than all that. It’s not new or cutting-edge, and costs absolutely zero dollars to learn.

A smile is a sign whose meaning is universal, immediate, and appeals directly to human instinct. It is an indication of a readiness to sincerely listen to what your customers and clients need and a genuine willingness to help them find it. It is giving honest, personal attention to your customers. The entire secret to exceptional salesmanship can be condensed down into the simplicity, sincerity, and genuineness of the human smile.

Successful selling doesn’t have to involve convoluted systems and methods. It should be much simpler than that—especially if you’re working to build a solid, long-term customer base of folks who can’t wait to refer others to you. A smile is simple, but it is a powerful way to demonstrate not only your positive attitude toward your work and other people, but toward life. When you smile, you’re declaring to others your willingness to give and accept support and encouragement. 

So never force a smile while dealing with clients, customers, or partners. If you do, you’re not fooling anyone. Whenever we consciously and voluntarily try to control a smile, the result is artificial. Again, a genuine smile is always spontaneous. It’s the result of a joyous attitude and legitimate interest in what you’re doing and/or who you’re doing it with. When you are sincere and truly kind to others, you’ll be happier, more fulfilled, more content, and more successful.

And that is a reason to smile.

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